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  • dementia care research team

    Click on their name to view their biography (if available).

    Professor Esme Moniz-Cook
    Challenge DemCare Programme Director (University of Hull)

    Cathryn Hart
    Challenge DemCare Programme Manager
    Assistant Director
    Research & Development (Humber NHS Foundation Trust)

    Alison Greenley

    Senior Research & Development Administration Assistant (Humber NHS Foundation Trust)

    Gavin Dawson
    Project Assistant (Humber NHS Foundation Trust)

    Katie Gibson
    Research Assistant (Humber NHS Foundation Trust)

    Daniel Kelleher
    Research Assistant (Humber NHS Foundation Trust)

    Lauren Sugden
    Research Assistant (Humber NHS Foundation Trust)

    Emma Anderson
    Research Assistant (Humber NHS Foundation Trust)

    Challenge Demcare programme grant holders

    Angie Mason
    Deputy Chief Executive & Director of Nursing

    Peter Campion
    GP, Hull

    Andrea Hilton
    Pharmacist, Hull

    Ivana Markova
    Neuropsychiatrist, Hull

    Murna Downs
    Psychologist, Bradford

    Bob Woods
    Clinical Psychologist, Bangor, Wales

    Robert Jones
    Clinical Psychologist, Bangor, Wales

    Ian Russell
    Clinical Trials Specialist, Bangor, Wales

    Rhiannon Tudor Edwards
    Health Economist, Bangor, Wales

    Graham Stokes
    Clinical Psychologist, Staffordshire

    Ian James
    Clinical Psychologist, Newcastle

    Martin Orrell
    Old Age Psychiatrist, London